Programming the Environment

Why does this keep happening?

Academic Purity is Unattainable

We have long suspected that the way feature flags are being used is a problem in our organization. This is a symptom of the greater problem, not the root cause itself. People are very quick to say things like “anything can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use it”, and suggest that it’s bad to eliminate a thing rather than learn to use it properly. I agree in principle, but it’s not that easy in the real world. You have to recognize your organization’s limits.

The Power of Taking Things Away

If you’re using a Lightsaber to cut bread in a crowded kitchen, someone is going to get their hand chopped off. Chances are, you’re not gonna need it. That bread could be sliced just as well with a simple bread knife. You might not be able to overthrow the empire with a bread knife, but the problem you’re tackling gets solved just the same, and it’s less likely someone loses a limb.

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Jerome Dane

Jerome Dane


Software Engineering Manager and Senior Software Engineer with a passion for maintainable, testable code.